It's All About leisure
Whatever your passion, there’s no shortage of activities to experience. There’s an exceptional experience waiting here for everyone, whether you’re an action seeker, foodie, collector, explorer or socialiser, or just want to kick back and relax.

Your Prestige

Finest Luxury Hotels

Enjoy a taste of the high life. Take in stunning views, drift to sleep on premium linen and be pampered in luxurious facilities. Besides distinct features and immaculate, personalised service, these grand hotels offer a special touch that sets them apart. Whether you choose an exclusive world-renowned chain or heritage-style hotel, your stay

Your Attractions

Sensational Sights to Behold

Get ready for fun. Explore tropical gardens, watch exotic wildlife up-close, experience unique themed parks, jump into adrenaline-pumping rides, enjoy the beach, a yacht and soar through the sky. There’s a kaleidoscope of extraordinary experiences waiting for you. Experience award-winning attractions like never before.

Your Dining

Exquisite Gourmet Experiences

Savour world-class cuisine catered to every food lover’s diverse taste and budget. Satisfy your appetite with the best of local favourites, Michelin Star restaurants, dazzling sky dining with stunning views, or chill out at an iconic venue, featuring world-renowned celebrity chefs.

Your Paradise

Tropical Island Retreats

Your idyllic retreat beckons. Relax under the equatorial sun, witness breath-taking sea views and extreme luxury. Kick back to the sound of waves, take sunset walks along the beach, splash into signature pools or tuck into barbecued delicacies. Rejuvenate at a spa for the ultimate sensory experience for your mind, body and soul.

Your Comfort

Unwind and Relax

Indulge in sheer comfort. Stay in the heart of Orchard Road, in the city centre, near the Singapore River, along a heritage trail, or in a charming historical district. Whether you’re in town for business or leisure, enjoy convenient locations, boutique hotels and more, as you unwind in these contemporary hotels.

Your Resorts

Luxury Accommodation

Switch off and treat yourself with a stay at one of the magnificent resorts. Create unforgettable memories at an integrated resort offering luxury accommodation, shopping, entertainment and loads of fun for all.